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I am a designated residential real estate specialist (RRES) experienced in homes with acreage, horse properties, and residential real estate.  If you are looking for a dependable agent to help with buying, selling, or investing in real estate, I'd love the chance to earn your business!  Call (314) 565-2369 today!

The Home Inspection

Questions for Buyers to ask when scheduling a Building Inspection

1. How much is the charge for your company to inspect my home?
Most companies expect payment at the time of inspection; some will accept credit cards or allow you to pay at closing.

2. When will I receive the report?
Some will prepare the report for you at the time of the inspection while others will mail or email you the report the next day.  The latter method is fine as long as it still allows you to honor the time frame for inspections.

3. Do you do termite inspections or can you arrange to have one done before or during the inspection?
If the termite inspection is done after the building inspection and termites are found, you will have to arrange for a separate inspection to check for structural damage.  Please be aware that most building inspection companies will need to know the sale price of the home and also the type of financing (i.e. conventional, FHA, or VA) in order to arrange for termite inspection.

4. How soon can the company do the inspection?
Inspections usually take over two hours, and you as the Buyer should arrange your schedule to be present. As your agent, I would also like to be present.