"Melissa is very thorough in everything that she does. She listens carefully and reacts to the things that are important to you, her client. She is very flexible with her time and can meet up with you when it is most convenient for you. I definitely recommend Melissa to my friends and family." -Mike Spatz

"Melissa was wonderful to work with, she always had a pleasant attitude. She was very honest and we knew she had our best intentions at heart. She got to know our family and was very personable to each of them. I am so thankful that God put her in our lives so we could be a blessing to each other! " -Patricia McKay

"Not sure how to put my experience with Melissa into words. She was great from the start untill even after I signed for my home. I will start off by saying I am a disabled Vet with PTSD and extr eme anxiety issues. She understood or atleast had empathy for my condition and did everything she could to work with my during the process. Quite frankly, I am surprised she put up with me. I started off looking at homes in north county and over time decided I did not want to live there even though it was were I grew up, it wasnt what it was when I grew up any more. We looked for months before I decided the area just wasnt right. Most people would have bailed on the client right then. Not Melissa. I explained that I would be getting a VA settlement soon and would be able to afford a home in a better area. We started looking in the St. Charles area, house after house after house without her ever complaining that within 2 minutes of walking into a home I had already decided it was not for me. I finally did place a couple of bids that came up just short of winning and I for one am glad because the home I am in now, I couldnt ask for a better fit. It was a HUD home and a very stressful and hectic process that she did everything she could and more to accommodate me, even when after months of looking I wanted to switch to an entirely new area out here in Ofallon MO. I am just not sure many people would put the effort in she did from day 1 to closing and for that I have thanked her many times. I now have a house I can call Home with pride for the price I was willing to pay for it in the area I wanted to live in and she stood by my side during the whole process. " -Patrick Baker

"Melissa Boyer is not just another pretty face, she is a great resource for buyers. We moved from out of town and looked at property for eight months before we bought. Melissa's market knowledge was outstanding and helped us find just what we were looking for. When it came time to draft an offer she saved us plenty by providing insights to the market and seller. Melissa was very patient with us and took time to explore every and I mean every opportunity. You will not go wrong by partnering with Melissa, she is a real asset and I would use her again for any STL real estate." -Gary and Linda

"Melissa is the best! She guided us through the process of buying our first home. Four years later I relocated for work and she helped us sell the same house. We got more than asking price in a very short time. I would highly recommend her for anyone buying or selling." -TJ