Moving Checklist Article

Welcome Home: Your Post-Move Checklist

Moving to Meridian? If so, congrats! It has plenty to offer new residents. You’re bound to feel welcome among your new, friendly neighbors! Use this article as a reference guide to help you set up your home and learn about the region. Boyer Select Properties shares a quick checklist of tasks to tackle after moving in!

Connect Your Utilities

Before arriving in your new home, be sure to set up your utilities. You want water, gas, and electricity running in your house by moving day so that your home is livable right away. Also, research local internet services so you can get started on the steps involved in hooking up your internet connection, like ordering a modem or booking a service appointment. 

If you’re on a tight budget, look for ways to reduce your internet bill. For example, Money Talks News suggests bundling your internet, phone, and cable for monthly discounts

Visit the DMV

Within a few days of moving, you’ll have to make the dreaded trip to the DMV. You must notify the DMV of your change of address, even if you’re just moving within the state. You have 10 days after moving to do this, so don’t procrastinate! You may be able to update your address online to save time. 

If, on the other hand, you’re moving from out of state, you will have to visit your closest DMV location within 30 days of moving to get a local driver’s license and register your vehicle. 

Prep Your Business

If you’re moving an existing business or opening a new one, you’ll need to take a few steps to ensure you’re ready to open your doors. You should start by forming an Idaho corporation. Forming a corporation offers you protections as the owner (or shareholder) as the business will have its own rights and liabilities. Forming a corporation in Missourirequires completion of five steps. Once you’re incorporated you can start spreading the word about your business, connect with the local Chamber of Commerce, and start networking with other local business owners and potential customers.

Get to Know Your Neighbors

Whenever you move somewhere new, you have to learn about the local policies, permit requirements, and service schedules. You can find a lot of this information on city and state websites, but your neighbors can also be a great source of information. Asking these questions of your neighbors is a great excuse to introduce yourself and start forming friendships! 

If you’re feeling shy about approaching a neighbor’s house and knocking on the door, The Spruce suggests taking a walk around your neighborhood or spending some time on your front porch. This can encourage your neighbors to make the first move. Or if you’re moving back to a familiar area, you might seek out familiar faces. 

Support Local Businesses

Another great way to learn about the area is to shop at local businesses. Shopping local is important for supporting your new community and the people who live there. You may even find employment at one of these local shops or business centers! Supporting local businesses is an act of respect that can help you show your new neighbors that you care about the community. 

Explore Beyond Your City Limits

Once you’re all settled in and you feel at home in your new town, venture beyond the city limits and see what else the beautiful state of Idaho has to offer. Visit state and national parks to connect with the natural landscape surrounding your new home. Sign up for a walking tour of a nearby town. Find a museum. Be a tourist in your new state—you’ll never run out of things to do and sights to see!

Whether you’re looking for friendly neighbors or untouched nature, you will feel at home in Meridian. Get settled in so you can start exploring this great region right away! Online guides and resources can help make your move a breeze.

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