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Renting Vs Selling

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Exploring the Flipped Home Conundrum of Renting vs. Selling

Author:  Monica Smith

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The real estate market is laden with choices that can significantly affect your financial trajectory. Among these is the decision of whether to rent or sell a home you've flipped. This article will guide you through the complex landscape of this crucial decision by examining various factors that come into play. With these insights, you'll be better equipped to make a choice that aligns with your financial objectives and life circumstances.

Settling Outstanding Debts

Should there be an outstanding mortgage on your flipped property, selling it generates immediate liquidity, allowing you to pay off the debt. Doing so might save you a considerable amount in long-term interest payments. For example, if you're nearing retirement and looking to reduce monthly expenses, settling an outstanding mortgage can be an excellent financial move.

Taking on the Role of a Landlord

Embarking on the journey of renting out your flipped property, you pivot into the multifaceted role of a landlord, melding rewards with a spectrum of responsibilities. Your endeavors will stretch beyond the straightforward collection of monthly rent, diving into ongoing property maintenance and managing nuanced relationships with tenants. Amidst these tasks, effective branding is another pivotal element in distinguishing your property in a bustling market. Utilizing platforms like Adobe Express logo builder can effortlessly integrate into your strategy, providing you with user-friendly tools to make a logo that embodies uniqueness and financial savvy, ensuring your brand speaks volumes in a subtle, yet impactful, manner.

Capitalizing on Appreciation

One compelling reason to rent out your flipped property is the opportunity for appreciation. Property values fluctuate but generally trend upward over time. Holding onto your real estate asset for an extended period might mean you could eventually sell it at a much higher price than you originally paid. For example, a burgeoning tech hub could transform a once-sleepy town into a booming real estate market, significantly raising the value of your property.

Flexibility for the Future

The advantage of rental properties lies in their flexibility. Owning the property means you have the option to moveback in or offer it as a legacy to family members down the line. This kind of flexibility is something you forfeit when you sell. For instance, you might decide to move abroad for a few years and then return. Having a property that you can come back to offers a peace of mind that selling does not.

Insurance and Liability

Becoming a landlord requires a change in your insurance coverage. Specialized landlord insurance is typically more expensive than standard homeowner's insurance. Furthermore, renting your property exposes you to liabilities, like tenant injuries or legal disputes. For example, if a tenant slips on a loose step and decides to take legal action, having the proper insurance can be a financial lifesaver.

The Cost of Transactions

Selling a flipped property involves more than just transferring ownership and receiving payment. Transaction costsand various fees can diminish your profits. These expenses are unavoidable and should be factored into your overall financial assessment. Being aware of these costs beforehand can help in making informed decisions about the sale.

Opportunity for Investment Diversification

Turning your property into liquid funds through a sale provides an opportunity to diversify your investment portfolio. By converting an illiquid asset into cash, you reduce your vulnerability to real estate market fluctuations and can invest in various financial instruments. For example, you might invest the proceeds in a mix of equities, bonds, and mutual funds to create a balanced portfolio.


When it comes to deciding whether to rent or sell your flipped home, the path is rarely straightforward. Your choice will depend on a myriad of factors including your financial goals, the responsibilities you're willing to take on, and your appetite for risk. Armed with this knowledge, you'll be better positioned to make a choice that not only suits your current needs but also aligns with your long-term financial objectives.

Relocating to St. Louis? Consider Chesterfield

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Chesterfield Missouri a great option when relocating tto the St. Louis area

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Are you looking to relocate to the St. Louis area? While there are many neighborhoods surrounding downtown there aren’t many that compete with Chesterfield. Named 2nd best place to live in Missouri in 2023. Chesterfield is by far one of the most desirable places to live in St. Louis County.  Just 22 miles west of downtown with a population of approximately 49,000 people, it has a suburban feel plus all of the to-do of the city life. Offering award winning restaurants, a good school district and plenty of entertainment for adults and children! 

Depending on whether you’ve looked around at the area you may have already noticed that some of the cities surrounding St. Louis come with a price tag. Living in Chesterfield you should expect to pay a little more for your house then the average Missouri home, after all it’s all about location! The median home in Chesterfield sells for around 500k while the average household income is around 124k. While Chesterfield isn’t cheap it’s also not at the top of the most expensive cities in the area either. With Ladue over doubling the median home sale price comparatively it’s safe to say Chesterfield is a bargain.

So what makes Chesterfield such a special place. Well to start, it is home to several kid friendly attractions sure to keep the kids busy! Faust park consists of the Butterfly house, the St. Louis carousal built in 1921, sculpture park and trails to walk that come alive at Halloween with gouling ghost stories & lantern walk. The park also hosts a variety of events throughout the year such as Fall festivals, hay rides and light shows. In colder weather kids can jump off the extra energy at BounceU, ride giant slides at Slick City or play arcade games at The Main Event. Chesterfield has several spacious and scenic parks with large playgrounds. Lastly don’t forget The Family Aquatic Center where you and your family can spend your summers sliding, splashing and relaxing in the lazy river.

The Chesterfield school district competes consistently for the tops spots in the state academically. With three of Chesterfields high schools ranking in the top 4 of best schools in Missouri a Middle School in the #3 spot plus an overall school rating of 7/10 you can be certain your children are receiving a quality education. 

Shopping in Chesterfield is easy designed to allow you to shop until you drop. The Premium Outlet is an expansive strip mall full of name brands such as Calvin Klein, Mark Jacobs and Raulph Lauren just to name a few. Living in Chesterfield you’ll find there isn’t much wasted space, there are businesses and small mom and pop shops all around.

Dining in Chesterfield Valley has a large selection of family owned restaurants, from fine-dining to pubs and grills, you are sure to find some incredible food and wines. 

Entertainment is everywhere, whether you spend your weekends on the golf course or rocking out at the quaint Amphitheater.  The Factory is a Venue that host weekly concerts allowing you to let loose without driving to the city. Golf enthusiasts can play year-round with an inside course or take it outside at one of the nearby award winning Country clubs. With all of the things to do it’s no wonder Chesterfield has become a popular place to relocate to. And if you happen to find yourself considering a move to Chesterfield or just want look at homes available before you decide, call Melissa Boyer with Boyer Select Properties to give you a tour. Free of charge.

You will find there are many scenic trails and spacious parks in chesterfield perfect for walking or riding your bike. Most bike events are held here and include the trail riding along the levy and under the bridge of Highway 40 along with some great hills along Centaur Rd and Wildhorse Creek. Horseback riding can be done at 3 of the nearby parks including Babler, Greensfelder and Forest 44 Park. There are several dog parks, pickleball courts, playgrounds, storybook walks and even a boating dock for fishing. Nature walks take you through fields of flowers past creeks and up hills.

With the median age in Chesterfield being 46 it makes sense that they cater to their older citizens. The community center hosts weekly events for citizens 55 and older including river walks, bingo, bridge, shuffle board, bunco and even a BBQ bash! Chesterfield also has AAA rated assisted living facilities, and yes they have golf and pickleball! 

When you’re ready to make the move to Chesterfield we are ready to help you find your dream home! You can call my office or email Boyer Select Properties for more information or for a list of homes.

Written by Samantha Boyer

Relocating to live with or near your Senior loved ones

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Relocating When an Older Loved One Needs Help

It’s difficult to live alone in old age and without a support system, it can be dangerous. If you know what signs to look for, you’ll know when an older loved one needs you closer, though they may not communicate it openly. You’ll need to find somewhere to live, figure out your work or business arrangements, and determine what level of care your loved one will need. That may seem a bit overwhelming. Luckily, Boyer Select Properties has some tips and resources to make the process much easier.


Signs They're Unsafe

Many seniors cling to independence and may omit or downplay their struggles when talking to you. It’s important to visit them in person and observe their living circumstances. If their home is cluttered, they don’t have much food, they’re struggling with a disability, or they can’t manage financial obligations on their own, it may be time to make new arrangements. Be mindful about helping them gradually adjust rather than trying to force a change immediately. If living alone isn't really viable anymore, consider home health services or a senior community.


Buying or Renting

If you do decide to move closer to an older family member or friend, you’ll have to figure out whether you’re going to buy or rent a place to live. Buying a home typically takes longer and can become complicated; you can always buy at a later time. Renting is often the better option if you don’t plan to stay for good. You can find many rentals through online listings for something in your price range that has the space you need.


Moving Your Business

If you’re a business owner, uprooting your business can be an unpleasant thought. If you do choose to move, make sure you do due diligence to avoid problems. Any moving company that you use should be highly reputable. Label every box clearly so you can keep track of your belongings. Plan the move in advance to avoid dealing with last-minute issues. If possible, consider working remotely to make the transition smoother.


Products That Help

It’s practically impossible for you to be near your loved one all the time, but there are some products that can make their time alone safer. You can install a video camera doorbell to monitor their home and even intercept visitors. An emergency alert pendant will enable them to call an ambulance or other emergency services with a simple touch, keeping them safe in case of falls or other incidents. 

Also, an automatic pill dispenser is a great tool to manage medications, so seniors with poor eyesight or memory won't take the wrong dose by mistake. If they cook, consider a burner device that can automatically turn off the stove if a fire is detected. Read reviews from this unbiased source before buying any products to avoid disappointment or scams.


Keeping Seniors Safe

Helping your loved one to live a safe and comfortable life is a noble but challenging goal. If you’ve determined that you need to move closer, get some advice from the experts, figure out whether you’ll buy or rent, arrange for your business to be moved, and assess your loved one’s options moving forward. 

Whether you’re a buyer, seller, or investor, Boyer Select Properties has the knowledge and experience to help make your dreams come true. Call (314) 565-2369.

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Planning your Senior Moving

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Senior Moving: Are You Ready for Your Next Phase?

Starting a new phase in life is never easy. As an older adult, your retirement should be exciting. However, if you think it's time to part with your old home and find something new, you may find it a different experience from when you were younger. Boyer Select Properties offers some tips for your senior move.

Determining Your Changing Needs

If you are like most older adults, you're probably thinking about downsizing. About half of all retirees choose to move into a smaller home. However, choosing where you want to go can be a difficult decision. Think about what you need in a new home. For example, if it is difficult to maintain your property, look for a place with a smaller yard or where you can hire landscapers. Other reasons to downsize include:

  • Having unused rooms
  • Feeling isolated in a big house
  • Having too many items to manage
  • Inability to afford the home
  • Having a lot of equity in the home

No matter if you decide to change locations or remain local, get a sense of the housing market where you want to be. An analysiscan tell you how much properties in the area cost. Judge the days on market, the number of new homes, and median home prices.

Accepting Your Strengths and Weaknesses

As you age, you may have different strengths and weaknesses. For example, you may have the experience to know how long a move takes and the preparation it requires, but you may not have the strength to pack and move boxes on your own.

According to the CDC, arthritis is prevalent in older adults. By 2040, approximately 78 million people will have been diagnosed with arthritis. If you have this or other conditions, you may have difficulty moving heavy items or handling the labor of a move. While there are exercises that you can do to reduce the likelihood of accidents, you may want to leave moving to the professionals.

A senior moving service specializes in helping older adults like you. Senior moving professionals understand the different facets of moving at this stage of your life. They can arrange specialty moving services to ensure your comfort and safety during this big transition, for one. They support you not only physically, but mentally and emotionally, too.

Creating a Game Plan

When it comes to moving, you should plan several weeks in advance. With the help of a senior moving manager, create a timeline and schedule for the move. The schedule should include all of the tasks you need to finish throughout the weeks leading up to the move.

A senior moving service can help you organize what you want to keep and can sort and pack your items to your standards. In the meantime, start sorting through your belongings to decide which ones you can keep in the new place and which you may need to part with. Decluttering can make your life easier and safer because you don't have to contend with obstacles and tripping hazards in your home.

As you create a game plan, remember to ask questions of your movers, from costs to inclusions (and more). Not only will you avoid creating a hardship for the moving team, but you can learn more about how the process will work on moving day. Before moving day, prepare your new home. It is critical to make sure that you can navigate your new home and that you have all of your accessibility needs taken care of.

Many seniors remain rooted in the same place for decades until they enter retirement and decide to downsize. As an older adult, a senior moving service is more likely to understand what you're going through and can stay with you from beginning to end.

For packing and house clean-out for sellers and family members there are great companies like Caring Transitions 636-263-5777

Call Melissa Boyer to discuss this further and plan a smooth move 314-565-2369


Your horse property specialist

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Melissa Boyer is avid about horses, horse ownership and horse well-being. This is why she is passionate about helping you bring your horses home, or help find a new place in a new area that you and your horses will love living at together.



Buying and Selling same day...can it be done?

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How to Buy a House While Selling Your Own

house keyPurchasing a house while selling your old one is the best path to take for many home sellers turned home buyers. In a perfect world, this transition would take place in one day. You'd simply sell your old one, then go on to closing on the new one. Melissa Boyer has often managed to do just that for her clients. However, it's not always that simple, and you may need to plan to expect some time between selling your house and buying your new one or vice versa. 

The process is a difficult dance full of complex steps and a rhythm that is hard to get just right. If you're wondering how to buy a house while also selling your current house, extensive knowledge of the process is important, and empowering yourself with the information you need can save you a great deal of time and money.

So, you may be wondering, can I buy another house before I sell mine? The answer to that is, yes, you can, but the bigger question is whether you will want to once you understand the entire process. First, consider what you have to gain and lose by either selling before buying or buying before selling. 

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Can you buy a home in retirement?

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